Beethoven and Football

*waves hand. Hello! I’m still here!
Due to Pertinent University Demands, I’ve been noticeably absent, but here is a little update of a few of my recent shenanigans.

I had the particularly unique experience of attending the Columbus Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s Ninth one night and going to a Buckeye football game the next.
(Ahem.) Quite the juxtaposition.

Ohio Theatre’s twenty-foot chandelier

I was privileged to have my mom join me for CSO’s season-opener. The symphony and chorus performed Handel’s “Zadok the Priest,” Mozart’s “Ave Verum Corpus. K.618,” and Beethoven’s Ninth.
The chorus entered powerfully on “Zadok,” and the dark tones of “Ave” were full of artistic integrity. (I love that Mozart piece!) (*fist to mouth. *MUAH.)
And conductor Jean-Marie Zeitouni danced for the entire length of Beethoven’s Ninth. The audience could barely contain themselves in eager expectation of the familiar tune, “Ode to Joy,” and the feather-soft introduction of the celli and double bass was, I thought, highly effective.

This was all followed closely by: THE college football experience, which I can sum up in one word: MEH.

Okay, so OSU football is a really big deal (or, rather, more like a SINCERE HOLY RELIGION) to A LOT of people. Whatever. I grew up listening to the Saturday football games on the radio while my mom made cinnamon rolls and I did the dishes. For a while I was really caught up in the Buckeye fever. (If you’re not from Ohio, you wouldn’t understand.)  Then I moved to Kansas, and I was like, wait, what? You guys don’t care about football? You play what…? What is this… this basketball?

Now I could really care less about football, but since I’m an official Buckeye now, I felt that the college football game was an experience I just had to have.

1. I just don’t have time in my life to waste a combined five hours on parking, walking, waiting, and transportation to and from the game. (This does not count the four hour game time).

2. Buckeyes are pretty generous. We stopped by a “free” tailgate and delved into the vats of hotdogs and barrels of potato chips. And, lucky for me, they had bottled water! (instead of only bottomless open containers).

3. During the game, I was mostly bored because I really don’t understand football. I’d rather listen to the radio because the announcers describe the plays and the calls in detail.

4. If I hear the theme to the Buckeye Bounce cheer, one more time, I will throw pounds of litter at you. (The only good thing about this cheer, I guess, is that it gets freezing fans moving.)

5. Now that my ears have been exchanged for an atomic explosion of explicit vulgarities so that me, you, your mother, the world, Nebraskans, and all football teams ever have had their anatomy cursed and sent to hell and back, and, now that all language proceeding into my ears is just one entire f-word, THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I’M GOING HOME.

Not. My. Scene. I can’t really think of a reason why I’d ever go again. Maybe it was extra-raunchy due to sitting in the student section, but, I just… I guess I just don’t ever see the need to… have to step around so much barf again.

6. The marching band at half-time was AHMAZING! And I’m not the only one who thinks so! TWELVE MILLION other people have been checking out the show on Youtube!

Anyway, that’s the difference between Friday nights and Saturday nights. The only link I could find between the two events was that Zeitouni showed up to conduct the band for the “Star Spangled Banner.” Other than that, there was no comparison.
At least not much.
The end.