My Celebrity Birthday Friends

Big shout out to all my famous celebrity birthday friends!
(In case you don’t know who my birthday-matching buddies are, I can fill you in. I share my birthday, April 26th, with:

1. Marcus Aurelius

Born April 26, my buddy Mark was a Roman Emperor from A.D. 161 to 180. He was a Stoic philosopher and wrote a bunch of quotes for the internet.


2. David Hume

David (known as Davy to his close friends) was a Scottish philosopher born 1711 who basically blew rationalists to shreds, arguing that passion guides human behavior and also argued against inductive reasoning. Well, Davy, say what you want, but I think your most impressive feature is that at 25 years old you basically had NO JOB and NO PROSPECTS but you managed to figure it out and write a ton of influential stuff. Pat, pat.


3. John James Audobon

My buddy John, born 1785, was an American ornithologist, naturalist, and painter. He basically discovered 25 new kinds of birds ON HIS OWN, and painted a whole bunch more and put them in a book that you can get maybe on Amazon?



4. Frederick Law Olmstead

Freddy, my man! Frederick Law Olmstead, born April, 26, 1822, was an American landscape architect who designed some really cool parks that y’all should really check out! Fred designed Central Park in New York City, and he also collaborated with The Ohio State University on the design of my universiy’s beloved Oval. Boom. Everybody loves Freddy!


5. the Prophet Muhammad

According to some sources, the Prophet Muhammad was born April 26, 570. So we are basically twins. Peace, Muhammad.


6. Channing Tatum

Mr. Tatum is an American actor (born April 26, 1980) who overcame attention deficit disorder (ADD) and dyslexia to become a highly successful actor, worth $60,000,000. (Ladies, he’s married. To Jenna, actually. Now aren’t they cute.)


Happy Birthday Channing, Prophet, Freddie, John, Davy, and Marcus!




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