My Bored Niece

Oh, look, it’s time to post again. This week I want to introduce you to my niece because, well, she is an important small person in my life (really, the ONLY small person in my life), and I like her a lot. I even got to spend a week with her this summer, an event I recorded in high definition cell phone photography.

But many times, in photographs, she looks, well, bored. At the very least, unimpressed. You know how kids are. You coo, jump, and sing, and:


You play games and:


Anyway, back to my niece: born in Nebraska, the prairies are her home. Unrelenting sun, rolling fields of grass-green corn, and a frolicking collie puppy make it sound like barrel-loads of fun, except that she is so completely chill about everything. (Or at least appears to be.)



Not really smiling. More like, “I’m bored. Let’s go out and play. Almost done here.”


Riding in the all-terrain stroller is NBD.


“You want me to smile at breakfast at the coffee shop? I’d rather just stare curiously at you.”



Photobombs outdoor brunch selfie. “Can we get this party started? Lil hungry here.”


Even grocery shopping is pretty much “Meh.”

Now, Cassidy not completely unemotional. There are two hobbies that she greatly enjoys: (1) bathing and (2) pretending to drive cars.

Her absolute favorite thing in the world is bath time. When I got water AND soap in her eyes while washing her hair, I waited for screeching howls to ensue, but she just blinked at me, almost in annoyance, rather than discomfort, that I had interrupted her ceremonial splashing and endless jabbering. She soon recommenced her squawks of enjoyment.

And of course, driving.


“Just taking a right here. Baby Gap is having a sale.” (No children were endangered in the taking of this photo.)

She smiles, she really does. But going from this


to this


takes no uncommon bouncing and balancing of the smart phone.

What shall we do with this shy little one? I think we’ll keep her.


4 thoughts on “My Bored Niece”

  1. I must say, I happened upon your blog, and now I feel gypped that I have never met you. You like NYC and Europe and classics and savoring tiny moments and writing and you taught in a new community at a little Mennonite school too? Truly, I haf bin gypped.

  2. Really enjoyed your captions for your niece! In spite of her apparent boredom, it’s clear she’s really sweet and that there’s a whole lot of life and learning happening inside her head. Maybe she’ll write a good blog on her cool Aunt Esther one of these days.

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