Year in Pictures

It’s the end of 2014! Where did the year take you? Here’s my year in pictures: places I’ve gone, songs I’ve sung, and all the lovely people who journeyed with me.

January 1st. Ringing in the New Year with my favorite girls. Columbus, Ohio.

DSC_0458 (2)

Snow-soaked Nappanee. Our frigid winter prompted ten snow days from school!


March: saying goodbye to my first clever little apartment


…and moving to a new place…

DSC_0022 (2)

May: finishing my first year of teaching and taking my students on a field trip to Chicago… Getting mistaken for a junior high student by the footman at the group entrance to the Museum of Science and Industry. “Excuse me, where is your teacher?” 😀 (Hee hee hee.)


100_9556 (2)

May: meeting my very first niece, Cassidy.

Baby Cassidy2

Exploring her Nebraska home.


June & July: Oasis Chorale tour to Ireland and England


The Irish coast.



Glendalough, Ireland.


Conway Beach, Wales.



Finding this weathered gravestone, seaside in Whitby, England. “She found in Christ that happiness which the world cannot give.”

DSC_0781 (2)

Gadding about the English countryside with these peculiar treasures.



Having my first setting of cream tea.

DSC_1001 (2)

Visiting Stourhead Gardens, a dream come true. Wiltshire, England.



August: walking through the quiet school yard before crazy days.


Crazy days like the one where our English lecture was interrupted by the mews of a distraught kitten, stuck in the duct work. So much for John Foxe. Someone gets a new pet!

20140912_083940  20140912_090806

September: 100 mph days ending with hours of school yard grading.


October: training for and completing my first half marathon.



November: watching the sunrise every morning in my classroom.


Thanksgiving with my baby niece…


…and being reunited with the sisterhood.


December: chalkboard victory selfie on the last day of school. Don’t be fooled. That smile hides the desperation, the lack of sleep, and the terrified looooonging for Christmas vacation. My first day of Christmas vacation? I stumbled into the kitchen after waking up at 3:10 p.m. #tiredteacher


After sleeping for days, enjoying early breakfasts with these two. Christmas breakfast tradition @ La Chatelaine.


And, finally, enjoying a very quiet Christmas at home with my parents, bottomless cups of coffee, and hours of Tolstoy.


At the end of 2014, I find myself a little overwhelmed at all the changes and adventures this year has brought. It’s been a grueling year. I feel like I’m still adjusting to the pace of teaching.

Yet as I peer into the New Year, I have undying hope. There is this treasure in jars of clay. If I am perplexed, I am not in despair. If I am hard pressed on every side, I am not crushed.

May you have hope this holiday season!
Happy Holidays to you and yours!


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