Do Antibiotics Cause Nightmares?

Do antibiotics cause nightmares?

(I suppose I could say that nightmares cause antibiotics. My current nightmare, contracting my third bout of strep throat this year, has definitely brought its share of antibiotics.)

But I ask the question because after my latest bout with my “favorite” infection (streptococcus bacteria), after taking my antibiotics religiously, I have been REALLY BAD DREAMS. I mean really bad ones. Vivid dreams. Scary dreams. Some real HUMDINGERS! I’ve had one scary dream every morning since the start of my antibiotic. There must be some connection.

So anyway, the dreams have been going as follows:

Nightmare #1: The Yogurt Rebellion
To date, I’ve had teaching nightmare dreams (where my lesson plans disappear, or where I show up at school totally unprepared). But I have not yet had a student nightmare, where the resident (student) evil rises up with restless rebellion and malevolent angst!
It was a very anxious dream wherein I could not maintain classroom control. Students were yelling and running around the small classroom. I raised my voice, demanding quietness, to no avail. One little seventh grader was yelling, name-calling, and flinging globs of purple yogurt on the floor. I yelled at him, “Stop that!” I tried to reach him, but my arms and legs would hardly move. I slowly oozed over to him. Why couldn’t my arms move faster?! I tried to grab him. He sneered and flung purple yogurt at me with his spoon. “Taaaaaake thaaaaaat!” I was so furious that I grabbed him by the neck. He spit purple yogurt on me. … … And then, I spit it back. No amount of yelling could stop the chaos….

Nightmare #2: Disney World Apocalypse
My oldest sister moved in next door to Disney World. She was able to get free tickets to Disney, so I traveled south to hang out with her. Her daily free tickets were only good for up to an hour every day. We got in line, and finally, we were inside! A whole free hour at Disney World! “What do you do here?” “Well,” she said, “We can go on rides. Let me show you the bathrooms.” The bathrooms at Disney World are very spacious. They have twelve foot ceilings. When we came out of the bathrooms, the sky in Disney World was the strangest color I’ve ever seen. The color of the sky struck me with the deepest fear in my little first-time-Disney-World heart. It was purple. It was the oddest, scariest, stormiest shade of purple you had ever seen. It was a black, fuschia purple, and the clouds were broiling. Just looking at the color made your stomach turn over. We had to run. We knew we had to get out of Disney World because “it” was coming. I’m not sure if “it” was a storm, an apocalypse, or a war, but “it” was indicated by the purple sky color, and everyone was in hysteria. We tried to exit Disney World, but you had to wait in line even to get out! We stood in line, waiting, on faded pavement, trying not to think about the purple sky, and trying to remain calm amidst chaotic fears of the end of the World.

Nightmare #3: The Kansas Youth Girl Apocalypse
My third nightmare has been the most disturbing one so far. It was about my old youth group in Kansas. I was having a great time seeing all my old chums again. We were walking in the cool prairie grasses, under a cool gray sky, near a dark contemporary building, when someone mentioned that the “deaths” would happen that night. “What deaths?!” I cried. My Kansas friends explained that it was common for the younger youth girls to be put to death to make room for more people in the community. These deaths happened about once a year. Quite a few girls were normally chosen. This year eighteen youth girls were going to be put to death. My friends were spending this last week making the girls comfortable. “It’s sad, but they understand that it’s just to make more room for everyone else.” Later, back at my house: “THIS IS SO WRONG!” I wailed to my mother. “And so unfair! I can’t believe this!” I was so livid! I was enraged! Everyone was acting so calmly about the deaths. Several days went by. No one would do anything. And no one understood how angry I was. I told my mom that I was even thinking about telling the police of the plans of the Kansas community. (THINKING?! THINKING?!) I decided to tell about the planned homicides even if it meant that my Kansas youth group wouldn’t let me be a part of it anymore. (Me, the little martyr.) I closed my eyes. And then I heard a train whistle. I heard a truck rumble past. My cell phone started beeping. I was laying in my little bed in Nappanee. I was anxious, sad, and heart-broken. For several minutes. Until I realized. THAT IT WAS ALL A DREAM, PRAISE JESUS! IT’S FRIDAY!

Sadly, there were no Purple Things in Nightmare #3.

Yikes, guys. I still have a couple of days to go on my antibiotic. This could get interesting.



10 thoughts on “Do Antibiotics Cause Nightmares?”

  1. Scary dreams there girl. You ask if there is a connection – possibly as the bacteria in your gut affect your brain function and we know that antibiotics negatively alter the gut microbiota (formerly known as gut flora). I would highly recommend you start on a good probiotic.
    your herbalist friend, Rosanna

  2. That is crazy!!! I know of no strong connection… except stress decreases your immune system…. and you get sick and have bad dreams. Sorry! They sound scary. However, w/ 3 cases of strep consider some daily garlic pills (possibly beneficial) and changing your toothbrush NOW (before the antibiotics are finished).

  3. Oh my! That feeling of waking up and being completely distraught before the shaky relief of realizing it was all a dream. Maybe we have nightmares sometimes so that we can be so relieved and satisfied with the little troubles of our waking lives.

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