Heatwave: Quirky Town Style

Like you, I’m trying to find the best way to survive this heat wave!

One evening I spent it exploring my new laundromat. (Note: “Laundromat.” Not “laundry mat.” … “Laundromat.”) (Twice this week I’ve seen that word misspelled.)
Honestly? It was hotter inside the laundromat than outside. The dryers must have been running all day! I settled down with a big teacher book and perused seventh grade lit til some guy in shorts tried talking Dutch to me and I didn’t understand him so I didn’t pay attention to him and then I realized he was talking to ME but by that time he had walked away, and then it was awkward. I think he owned the place because then he started talking to his Amish staff. Well. I guess he’ll just have to learn that not all Mennonites know Dutch.

Another afternoon, I tried to beat the heat by… ordering an extra hot latte at the local coffee shop. The barista’s eyes narrowed. “Extra hot?”
Me: “Yes. Extra hot.” I had had iced coffee in the morning. She couldn’t possibly expect me to order one of those gloppy, whippy, calorie-infused sugary blended drinks, could she? Who cares if it IS 90 degrees. I enjoyed my extra hot latte. Kinda.

And one morning I tried to beat the heat by getting up at 6 am for an early run. Ah, 6 am. Quiet. Cool. Peaceful.
Wrong! There were semi trucks everywhere and people were rushing to work. Little minivans were zooming around. Runners were out. And so were grandpas with their poodles. I’m thinking, honestly? At 6 am? What is wrong with you? Go to sleep! …as I trudged through the humidity, foam forming on my upper lip.

Here is a little welcome note I received earlier this week. Guys, I’m really a teacher.


Amish Report: I am so fascinated by them! They are EVERYWHERE. They are very visible here, both in town, and in the rural area where my school is. Once I was biking on a trail near a golf course, feeling all athletic-y, when around the bend comes this Amish guy on a bike pulling a little cart. He had a most courteous handwave and cheerful countenance. It was… funny.

Almost like the local librarian telling me we can take out paintings from the library. For three weeks at a time. I’m serious. No, I’m SERIOUS.


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