Week in Pictures

One of my favorite online time-wasters (that’s semi-educational) is the New York Times Week in Pictures. Every Friday, the Times publishes 10 photographs as a sort of highlighted visual newspaper. Even though the photographs feature local news and events, I find them interesting because the subjects regularly point to universal and relevant issues.
Here is my very own: Week in (cell phone) Pictures.

Monday, October 22: 80 degrees and Sunny

Tuesday, October 30: 30 degrees and Sandy

Quarantined in the library. (Not that I’m complaining.)


And one more for good measure:
You might not be able to see it because of the glass.
The study WARRIOR: He’s sitting on cold cement: notes, coffee, and a WHOLE JAR OF NUTELLA. I love it.

I hope you enjoyed the week in pictures!
And this is just a reminder for locals: submissions for the cell phone photography contest for the church newsletter are DUE SOON. I encourage you to participate! I can’t wait to see your creativity!


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