Bak 2 Skūl

I don’t usually say things like this, but… I hate (insert insanely large-corporation department store here)! They are always out of everything I need. Today was an especially bad experience. I mean, okay, you can say that it’s my fault that I waited until the middle of August to do back-to-school shopping. But really? They only had ONE color of the kind of folders I wanted. One color! Maroon. Boxes and boxes of folders, and there were only maroon ones.

I begrudgingly bought five.

I and seventeen other kerchiefed Asian women who were rummaging through the remnants of the back-to-school mid-August mania. I commiserated with them. The disorganization in the office section was astounding.

And this corporation wanted me to pay EIGHTY CENTS for filler paper. I can’t believe it! Don’t they know what time of year it is? It’s “Back-to-School”! When paper is 15 cents! And folders are 5 cents! When the whole world is full of happy hyper children who smell like new backpacks and new underwear! Spread the love!

Eighty cents? I think not.

Thankfully, I had a few minutes to drive to another store, which I shall name Pen Kingdom, whereupon I found something I have been searching for for nearly four years.

My favorite pens in the world.

I have been searching for this special multi-pack for forever! They seriously did not exist. Until today. At Pen Kingdom. Which was organized in the strictest fashion. THEY sure knew what time of year it is. I know this because their filler paper wasn’t 80 cents. It was free. Yep, free. Anyone who spent $5 got five free packs of filler paper. Thank you, I will.

My pens will do nicely with my expensive Moleskine budget-friendly notepads.

This is my little celebration purchase for my senior year as an English major at university.

But don’t worry. Just when you think I’ve gone all writer-snob on you, remember my playful Hello Kitty stickers with which I decorate planner every year.

Yes, I’m getting to be an old pro at this. I’ve done this shopping trip seventeen times, and it never gets old.

To all my student friends: Happy Back-to-School!

3 thoughts on “Bak 2 Skūl”

  1. Ha! I remember this. (See? First year NOT going back and I already make it sound like years ago). All I can say is, you are a proper English student indeed. I was a SNOB about my fountain pens and Moleskins. Atta girl! And have a beautiful semester.

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