One lump or two

I microwaved the tea bag, and it came out looking an old-fashioned brown color. You know, that maroonish-brown color that inhabits every surface at your Great Aunt Edna’s house… from the maroonish-brown couch, to the maroonish-brown carpet, to the brownish-maroon wall paneling.

Well, anyway, the tea bag was that color.

I read somewhere once that you shouldn’t microwave your tea water because it takes the oxygen out of it, and your tea tastes flat.

Lemon Zinger it was. I cradled the orange cone-shaped mug like a Californian conch shell and listened to the sparkling fizz of the Lemon Zinger bag.

Next, I pulled out a metal spoon to catch the honey which I was to squeeze in. Now I don’t use the spoon to measure the honey.  Just to catch the honey before it spills into the tea. I generally pour in immeasurable amounts of honey. Now that seems kind of silly.

The tea tasted like Fruit Loops.

That is all.

This has been Your Weekly Etiquette Remark.


2 thoughts on “One lump or two”

  1. Esther,
    I searched for “choir wall hanging” in images – looking for cool sheet music of something like that. And as I scrolled through the pics, I said “that be a Menno – more specifically, that be a Swartzentruber!” and lo, I found thy blog.

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