The New Woman

At college retreat this summer, a group of us were sitting around discussing the plight of the modern Mennonite woman. We hashed the inconsistencies and the incongruities and common misconceptions of gender roles and tried to rearrange them according to the most proper (yet refreshingly bare) Biblical standards. One brave student even threatened to write the book, “The New Woman.”

A young married couple had jumped right into the conversation and provided engaging ideas as well, and soon we were all feeding off of each other.

While the intellectual focus of the weekend was college students (with a somewhat necessary emphasis on singleness), one thought I appreciated most was from this young parent (who was speaking about identity and adolescent female body image).


“What is this emphasis nowadays about girls being beautiful? We hear all these messages today about how each person is so beautiful and how God delights in your beauty. I mean, of course, I think my daughters are beautiful. But they have sinful hearts! The sooner they learn that, the better. When they come to grips with that and fully understand that, then they can become the true servants that God wants them to be. And that’s what I really want for my daughters.”

So much wisdom.
Thank you, young parents, for training up your children in the way of the Lord!

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