Waffle or Wafer?

Favorite summer memory so far? Midnight ice cream run with my parents.

One thing you should know about our family is… your business is everybody’s business. For the most part, we communicate. We talk about anything and everything, all the time, at any place, and what you think doesn’t get said somehow gets said. Few topics are off limits.

My sister was home for the weekend, and we were up late as a family talking and talking, going around and around… and it wasn’t really an argument, but more of a family “discussion,” which isn’t pertinent to the story, except that at the end of the whole thing we all realized something:

We were out of ice cream.

Well, we probably had vanilla (that’s my mom’s favorite), but I greatly dislike vanilla. Or even ice cream for that matter. Except for the really expensive kind that has tons of crunchy chunks of fudge and peanut butter in it.

It was 11:42 at night, but what else was there to do except go to the grocery store and buy some? The whole family, of course. We piled into the P.T. Cruiser, rolled down the windows, and zoomed down the moonlit country road. Let me just say there’s nothing like giggling with your middle-aged parents about ice cream late at night.

We rolled in under the amber street lights, and I crawled out, hair-blown. I had been taking orders. The main mission was “Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic.” Which I purposefully mispronounced as “Blueberry Bunny Peanut Butter Picnic.” And that launched a new game where every sentence had to end with ice cream toppings (peanuts). It’s not really funny to think about it now (maraschino cherries). Just a really dorky family thing (whipped cream).

I excitedly approached the ice cream aisle, but after wandering up and down repeatedly, I came to the disappointing conclusion that there was no Peanut Butter Panic. Yet as I searched for a similar flavor, I realized the best thing ever: the ice cream was half-off! (If you got 3 tubs, that is). Well, I was obviously doing the buying, so here’s what I ended up with:

1) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream (for Rachel) (with 65% less fat and 45% fewer calories)
2) Mrs. Field’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream (for Dad) (brownies and fudge swirled in chocolate ice cream) (yes) (please)
3) Coffee Fudge Brownie Ice Cream (for Mom and me) (did I mention it has “half the fat”?)

My bill? Nine bucks. Three weeks later we’re still eating it. Incidentally, the coffee ice cream had the biggest crunchiest chunks of DARK chocolate in it.

Summer. Memories in the making…


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