Religious Thievery

Some Christians steal. They secretly rob themselves of time. They take what isn’t theirs. And give it to someone else.

Not everyone finds it feasible. Or appropriate. Some people shy away from this lawlessness. They realize what this iniquity costs them. So they have to let it go.

But I haven’t. I’m stealing. I’m robbing. I’m taking every minute that isn’t mine. I’m taking it for the cross. Every blessed minute I’m turning over to the Savior. A sort of Robin Hood sequestering. It’s not mine, it’s His. And I’m giving it away. I’m giving it back.

Steal away.

…in a world where we have to apologize for our Christian beliefs,

Steal away.

…on a campus where every viewpoint under the sun is accepted,

Steal away.

…in a world where a facebook picture is worth a thousand words,

Steal away.

…on an earth that spins 24 hours a day, people never stop walking, I see their dark peripheries,

Steal away.

…from that internal lasting loneliness,

Steal away.

…from the cacophony of lies, a background filler, filling our minds with seeming truths of unconscious consciousness that attack a Biblical viewpoint,

Steal away.

…from clean entertainment that dumbs us down with its simplicity,

Steal away.

…from everything, to focus on ONE thing: God,

Steal away.

…in our rooms of noise: permanent personal ambience,

Steal away.

…in a world of pure things, well-meaning people, and important conversations,

Steal away.

…in the era of cynical mindsets, constant skepticism,

Steal away.

…to a place of open-mindedness with the Lord, and close-mindedness to the world,

Steal away.

…from bodies, humans, virtual and physical, to loneliness and separation,

Steal away.

…in public buildings, to the fourth floor, through sterile steel index card lines to escalator regulation, to permanence and prayer,

Steal away.

…to God. Who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Steal away.

…from all vanity,



Steal away.

…from wishes, and our concept of fairy-tale god,

Steal away.

…from blogs, by people you hate/love,

Steal away.

The Religion of Thievery makes a mockery of time. The theft is so timely, you’d think the burglars get caught. And they do. Daily, life catches them.

But the thieves laugh.

And life laughs with them.

Blessed burglars’ best-kept secret.

Religion of Thievery adherents are a secret order; they are the individuals that you would least expect. That quiet little girl. A middle-aged couple. An elderly gentleman. Young married man. They fall to the impulses, the spiritual impulses. They can’t help themselves…

But the pious… reject the impulse, reigning themselves in. They must sleep, work, scuttle. Their creativity is silenced. Their secrecy is… that they have no secrets. Except the fading secret of abject laziness.

The Religion of Thievery is overlooked. One of the most strict sects, its monotonous shock value  keeps the thieves from losing the “Why?”

…while the pious… oh, the pious… God save the pious.!/search?q=steal+away+chanticleer


One thought on “Religious Thievery”

  1. Nice. Very well done. Great thoughts conveyed in an artistic way. I don’t think I’ve ever thought of this type of thievery before. I really like that idea though. Excellent post.

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