Year in Pictures

Here are a few pics from 2011 taken with my (trusty) five-year-old Kodak. Enjoy!

2011: Casual Scenes–Some of the Best of the Midwest

Okay, so this was actually taken in 2010.Very common Kansas winter scene.

This pretty much describes the gray Kansas winter.

Bringing snow day parties like this one.

…ironically, they are reading “Pearls Before Swine.”

Spring always comes. Visiting Indiana. Blues skies… and then…

(chilly) spring break: Chicago!

“Birds and Buildings.” …lovely trip! A whirlwind adventure with a great friend.

Kansas wheat.

Another shot from 2010. (Cell phone shot.)

Who knew they keep Apollo 13 on the plains? 🙂 The Kansas Cosmosphere. The tan building on the right is my college’s science building.

Classical guitarist at the Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth, Texas during my trip to the Great Plains Honors Conference.

Lockman Hall, Hutchinson, Kansas.

Concert Chorale.

Cell phone shot #2.

Blue sky. Yellow train. Kansas.

Blue hats.

Perfect summer morning. Ohio landscape.

Garden fresh peonies.

Faith Builders College Student Summer Retreat.


In a storybook castle.

Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio. Wonderful reunion! Great friends… and an international guest! 🙂

Grand Reading Room, William Oxley Thompson Library, The Ohio State University.

I loved this colorful October shot. Ohio.

November wedding, the Prizery, South Boston, Virginia. (cell phone shot.)

Christmas Banquet 2011. With a new friend.

So where did 2011 take you?

Happy New Year!

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