Conversation in Frustration: Poem by Confusi(on)

Just go ahead

Float in your acid cynicism

That cool silvery blue

That curls up your crossed arms

Your raised eyebrow


But I believe in fairy tales,

I believe in true love that lasts forever.

I believe one man and one woman

Can always love, always love


Fairy tales happen every day.

Do you need a shoulder to cry on?

Here I am.

Do you need help with your labors?

Here I am.

How about giants and dragons?

They’re everywhere, but you call them different names, I think.

(And at some point, divinity will wipe them out.)


And what about true love, you ask?

My parents have been together 25 years.

That’s something.


That an old man and old woman holding hands at the park

Later go home to their respective spouses

Is a sick “maybe.”


You can’t base your life on that.

Or point to your family and say,

“Oh, sumo-sized issues, God does not exist.”

Does experience control your beliefs?

Is truth only experience?

It’s not. Truth is not only that.


Perhaps we’re confusing Truth with reality.

Perhaps our experiences aren’t True, but rather real.


Is what is real then True?

I do not think so.


It would seem that what is True is real,

But what is real is not necessarily true.

Maybe Truth just exists. Truth is not what happens, but it just is.

It exists.

“I AM that I AM.” Exodus 3:14


Truth IS.

And Truth defines reality.

Conversely, you can’t let reality define your Truth.

(Not “reality,” per se, but experience, or what happens).


Cynic, you stand for nothing.

(And PETA doesn’t count. I mean things you really stand for.

When your mother dies, you don’t consult PETA.)

Cynic, you base your beliefs on experience.

(I admit my naïve dogmatism is partly experiential as well.)

(Which is scary, because I argue a lot for my rich experience)


But you cannot base your beliefs solely on experience.

We must first find Truth to define our reality.

We must find Truth to determine our beliefs.


It would follow, then, that it is TRUTH, BELIEFS, then REALITY.

A lot of people go at it the other way, maybe?



Then Faith,

Then Belief,

And then we survey our surroundings… and define that reality.


“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17


One thought on “Conversation in Frustration: Poem by Confusi(on)”

  1. Wowzers, Esther! These are pithy words to ponder and think and rethink. But I think they are true. As in True true, not just experience true. I like that your words are witty as well, especially the “sumo sized issues” line -that made me laugh! Miss you!

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